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Provide services to customers. a service to a summer building Dell combines best-of-breed client services with deep involvement in our community. We have helped our customers in the efforts of non-profit organizations (NPOs) around the country: Affordable housing help pregnant women and unmarried mothers get the resources and support they need Provide zoning, permissions, and other legal services for affordable housing and other services If you are facing legal challenges, provide services for large companies and call your boutique law firm with small companies' attention. Adam Dash was selected as Best Attorney for Somerville in Best of Somerville Readers Choice Awards for Somerville News in 2012.

Established in 1993


The stress of legal issues is the most effective solution for experienced, knowledgeable, and customer-oriented lawyers to achieve positive results. Adam Dash & Family, business, real estate law firm Associates, Somerville family law attorney and real estate attorney have 25 years of experience and offer strong commitment to local organizations and customer service to all of our cases. For example: We are rated A+ from Better Business Bureau. We provide a casual and friendly office environment where customers can come to know a lawyer and are encouraged to visit our office for some reason. Typically, you call within 24 hours and provide each customer with a direct line to the attorney.

Adam Dash is Adam Dash & He is the principal lawyer and founder of the law firm. I'm from Davis Square. He represents many companies and individuals in real estate, parcels, divorce and commercial issues.

Dash was speaking at the University of Framingham's Paralytic Research Academy, teaching companies, agencies and the Partnership Act, and giving a speech at a school or social services organization in the Boston region. 2000-2003: Chairman of the Association of Somerville and Homeless, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Somerville, 2002-2006,   Chairman of the Community Conservation Law Research Committee of Belmont, and the Zoning and Adjudication Department of all Members of the State of Belmont.  

He is currently elected as a member of the town's council of Belmont as a member of the Warrants Committee. In 1994, he won the Hazel Hughes Award of Direction of Somerville Community Corporation. The

Mr. Dash holds B.A. in economics at the University of Brandis

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They did a great job about my divorce!  I was especially glad that Adam and his fellow Meghan and Melissa had great communication through the process.  The state of the Imperial Court was smooth, as described, and the documents after that were processed quickly and without problems.  I'd recommend a divorce to someone in an unhappy situation...

01/01/2021 12:02am



I'm trying to resolve the responsibility of divorce again, and I paid $2,500 to Dash five months ago and haven't heard anything since. He and his friends cannot be recommended.

12/24/2020 06:06pm



I used Adam Dash and his associates to deal with and discuss many legal issues, mainly my work and the purchase of a house. His office always responds quickly to phone calls and emails.  They are friendly and knowledgeable. All the problems were resolved quickly, efficiently, and by true experts. I strongly recommend them.

12/29/2020 09:02pm