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The Christopher T Law Office Sacchardie specializes in landlords and tenant farmers, as represented by Massachusetts landlords, houses, courts and high court tenant farmers. The latest issues include the eviction of the law, property damage, recovery of collateral money, violations of Chapter 93A, and poor housing conditions. A lawyer named Sacchardi has been periodically mediating between the landlord and the tenant in the House Court. Limited assistant display is available for mediation, motion hearing, discovery, and other related issues.





He enjoyed working with Christopher Saccardy and partnered with one of the longest housing trials that have been going on for five years, the wonderful Edward Rice. they fought against one of the richest real estate developers in Massachusetts  if the other party is sure of winning from the first instance,   Chris and Ed worked patiently for me for five years, and by the time the trial began they were all ready.  Despite constant threats and threats, the court has exploded and has sprung up many new recruits.  Both inside and outside - Chris and Ed stay in a solid position, focus, and completely focus on the point.  They beat the other team for each count, win, win, and by the time the jury came back, we had all the counts.   In the game between David and Goliath, Chris and Ed were not only the players of the day, but also the best players for five years.  

I cannot express my deep gratitude not only for their great achievements, but also for their super-friendly and caring attitude, their heartfelt respect and concern for their customers, and their dedication to work.   The only one looking for the best Boston lawyer is the two gentlemen, the Boston A team.

12/27/2020 09:08am



Chris and his team were paying attention to our needs in order to solve a problem that really matters. Chris explained us through the scenario, kept good communication and kept us from being surprised throughout the whole incident. We thank you for your honesty and will carry it through to the end. I'm sure Chris and his team will work again.

12/25/2020 01:07pm



My husband and I decided to consult a lawyer to solve the problem with the landlord. I used a lawyer...It was right to lower your hand.  We went abroad, but he still helped us.  He reassured us, giving us confidence that we should not be treated as we are, and that we should not be accepted.  After a few weeks, all the care was done.  He was knowledgeable, professional, and easy to get close to. 100% didn't miss his help.

01/03/2021 12:19pm



My husband and I have recently sought Chris's expertise. They asked for expertise in changing situations with our beloved borrowers. There is no dispute. You need to know the law and the way to keep it in place. Chris is a very knowledgeable and good communicator, and he encouraged us to follow up on the phone and email quickly and communicate with the tenant in writing and orally. We were very pleased to have him guide us through the process. Chris strongly recommends any tenant/landlord situation and would like to look for his job again without a reservation.

12/25/2020 03:54am



We contacted Chris in response to the fight with the previous landlord. Chris quickly contacted Dell to learn more and review documentation.  He explained clearly all our options and possible results.  He was patient with us and had no knowledge of using legal terms. He was always easy to get close to, always keeping us in the circle and keeping us up to date with the progress of the incident - we really pleased with it! It was a little bit of a challenge with the former landlord, but Chris was always a step ahead. He is very knowledgeable, has a good personality and is a professional. We are very grateful for his time and expertise. We really enjoyed working with Chris! Chris is recommended to anyone who seeks the help of the judicial system.

01/02/2021 07:54am



I sent Chris hundreds of emails in the past year and a half. We met in person many times. I can't count all my calls. He spent more time on my case than he probably wanted to count.

What is the result of Chris's work? In Boston's real estate world, the family recovered what was lost, badly treated by others, and a completely wonderful settlement.

We were negotiating with people who lost interest and thought we would give up while we dragged the case out. When I finally came to the case, I realized it was serious and the case was resolved quickly. It was a mistake to think that they had some kind of trust in the negotiations.

Chris was always honest. He told me the truth of what he thought would not work. He predicted the problem in advance. He considered the particulars and understood what was necessary. I was convinced that Chris worked patiently to produce great results for me and my family.

If another problem occurs in the Boston real estate market, Chris is the first person I called. I don't lose my way for a while. I don't think of calling anyone else. If you have a friend in Boston who needs a good lawyer, Chris says I'll become the lawyer they use. Try Chris. If I have an experience like me, I'll be very moved. After working with him for a year and a half, I am happy that I could support him sincerely and strongly as an excellent lawyer.

12/26/2020 12:58pm



I recommend Chris Sacardy to anyone looking for a lawyer who specializes in tenant law.  Chris was knowledgeable, gentle, and professional. The first time I saw him, I dealt with my problem with confidence.  He explained all my options clearly and made me understand what was going on at each stage of the process.  Chris kept updating my case on the phone and by email, and when I was asked, he was very close.  I'm very pleased that he handled my suit and that it went well.

12/29/2020 10:03am



Mr. Sacchardy represented me with several tenants about the contract. It is very efficient and I look forward to working together.

01/01/2021 08:05pm