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QuickSilva Title, LLC contributes to client success. The partnership approach with each client is based on clear and consistent communication. By listening to our customers and ensuring that they understand all aspects of our work, we create a foundation for long-lasting, productive, productive, and productive relationships. Experienced and dedicated staff will gain knowledge of the complete residential title and closure service you provide. Dell offers a flexible, close option for your convenience, and understands that closing costs are a concern for homeowners and new homebuyers. We know how important it is to close your transactions in a cost effective manner. With this in mind, we are trying to provide a competitive ratio to keep our customers' costs down to the minimum and to keep their experience, integrity, and professional standards alive.

Ted Silva was born in 1974. He moved from Portugal in 1968. My grandfather used to say that when he grew up, he was the first American to be born at home, and that he could become the president of the United States. Edward is a formal name, but his family gives him "Teddy" he chose to call him. I'm born to praise Senator Ted Kennedy. As Ted gets older, people take him with them. he began. When Ted was four, his family moved from Samaville, Massachusetts to Lexington, Massachusetts. After graduating from Lexington High School in 1992, Ted graduated from Amherst at the University of Massachusetts in 1996. In 1999, Ted graduated from the Department of Law in New England and began to practice law. Ted' father of, Fernando Silva, Ted' It is the key to his success as a top real estate lawyer. When Ted is an elementary school student, the teacher is in class. What do you want to be when you grow up? " he asked. Most of the children answered police officers and fire fighters, and Ted answered that he wanted to become a real estate agent like his father. Follow

Ted S.
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When I bought my first house, I had a wonderful experience with Ted and his team. They took time to read the legal chatter in my purchase and sales agreements and to figure out exactly what I was working on. They do a few big fixes and thank them.

Closed on time and closed without any problems. When you're doing as complicated as buying your first house, it's good to be quick and easy to close.

Very recommended.

12/26/2020 05:35am



Who has the mortgage papers? Did I just hand it directly to Agent Quick Silva and saw him check the list when I closed it? To see everything you see individually? Did you find him in the city after he broke his three-time closing promise? I had to cancel my Thanksgiving plan so that I could get away with it.

If you have someone, please forward to another title company. One said he had papers, and the other said he had no papers.

If you think about it, send it back to me and my dog will hand you the papers. A walnut-sized brain (without a shell), but she's more into the ball than they are. On Friday morning, I don't treat me with a nuisance pest.

12/27/2020 03:14pm



It was a great job to shut up in our home in Quicksilva and Cambridge. Jarrett Scarpachi was very communicative and helped to quickly prepare documents with mortgage companies and sellers. But we never met in person. All communications were done by email, and we went to the Quick Silver office and signed the final document. Thanks!

12/31/2020 11:53pm



We used Quick Silver to finish the refinancing. Our staff is very professional about the customer concerns, and our response to email is very high.  Customer service is not good. It is the best customer service policy I have ever seen. Period. Christopher Gagney was very helpful and responsive because he wanted his customers to have a simple, stress-free experience.

12/28/2020 09:59pm



I don't write much reviews, but I really wanted to write a short one here. After buying a new house, we were the first to deal with QuickSilva and it was amazing and everything went smoothly. They were very sensitive and reacted late at night.

After we bought them, we decided to hire them as lawyers in charge of the sale of the apartment. We went with Jessica Cunha who contacted us from the purchase. I'm glad I could work with you! It provides very high workability, super responsiveness, very useful and excellent information. It was my first sale and I was able to get a lot of stupid questions.

QuickSilva and Jescica are highly recommended.

01/02/2021 04:03am



Recently my parents had a run in interest rates, so they recently rented a house. I found that the overall experience of providing all the financial information of life to the lender, and that the closed agency QuickSilva Title was kind, communicable and inconvenient in terms of professional.  Seeing how smooth and good the parents were, I talked to my husband, met my owner and asked what they would do for us. When we called Ted, we answered our questions on the phone and held a meeting with him in his office. We went to meet him and discussed the conditions and what would be beneficial to us. Like his parents, it worked well, and Ted planned to close at our house any time. He called me on the day after I came to Japan to adjust the time of closing the shop, and he didn't hesitate to answer without any problems.

At the closing of the meeting, he was a professional-class worker in good faith. va title. I have recommended their services to everyone since today. This fee and this economy require everyone to benefit from people like them.  

Thank you to the Quick Silver Title team!

01/03/2021 02:00am



QuickSilva Title was useful when buying a house and its service was very detailed, efficient and helpful. Donna and Jarrett watched every day everything that goes back and forth between the bank's work, always quickly, professionally and kindly. Chris stayed up late in the evening, so my husband and I put our baby to bed and went to write a sign on the papers. In the stressful and even worse process of buying a house, the people of QuickSilva smoked fresh air!

01/03/2021 12:05pm



Last month, Quick Silver was hired to close the refinery, and everything went smoothly and everything went as expected. They helped us save money and gave us a chance to relax without worrying about the documents they took care of us.  We were there to sign the final document and found that the rest would take care of us. My boyfriend and I are busy with our full-time work, wasting paperwork and not having time to go back and forth with signatures.  Quick Silver's lawyer helped us spend a lot of time with all of these.  We can't show enough gratitude for what this company has done for us!  In this economy, we could really get them in life when they are needed.  They saved a lot of money that was very useful to our future.  Thank you to the Quick Silva Title team. You guys are a great professional team!

01/02/2021 02:14am



It seems to be a mixed bag.  We hired a lawyer from Ted Silver's office to buy Condo.  At first, we were hired as lawyers and went into detail with my wife about shopping and selling.

The lawyer took a vacation without giving us notice.  People took a vacation and didn't blame him, but they should have told us.

My wife tried to contact her lawyer, who was told in her absence message from the original lawyer, and he did not answer her.  So, finally they sent in lawyers that we have never talked about, and we knew little about our purchase.

It is difficult to explain your experience with a lawyer when you close without sufficient advice.  He forgot to call and didn't have a calculator.  He reminded me repeatedly that he was not the representative of us but of the bank.  Because this person is not ready (and didn't know how to use Blackberry), our agent had to call his secretary and use her phone calculator.  The sellers were disgusted with his attitude and our agents, who were working at this law firm before writing letters.

I have made my lawyer stop closing a single star, but I have made a whole assessment with the first treatment of the lawyer I spoke of.  Closing the shop is stressful, and the last thing I want is someone to make it worse.  So let's see who sends you in and talk to them in advance enough to allow it.  You may be the representative of the bank, but you chose it.

12/28/2020 10:47am