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Vining Law Office, LLC is a family-run law office. The company was founded by lawyer Charles W. Vining in 1967 and has been in the current location of Ball Square Somerville since 1979. Dell is proud of its excellent customer service as well as the highest level of legal representation. Dell has a kind and helpful staff. When you call, you will be able to talk to your lawyer or lawyer within 24 hours. It's convenient to visit the house in the evening, on weekends, or at home.

Established in 1967


Landlord/Tenant Conflict a purchaser and seller of real estate Condo conversion personal injury Will and Land compensation for workers

&Elizabeth;#34; &A;#34; Binning is looking forward to understanding the way the owner of the house buys and sells houses. Customers are also involved in the process as much as they like.

Elizabeth V.
business owner





Ellie helped us close our house and she did a wonderful job. Especially, the seller and the seller were strict, and the seller was not a professional, which caused the closure.

Ellie is the best job. As she works, let's have the collateral bank accept it. She also answered the question late, very sensitive and useful.

12/30/2020 05:56pm



I consulted Ellie about the title, and she was very useful and generous with time. She was very knowledgeable about lawyers working in the area and was able to share her expertise and helpful advice and opinions. I really appreciate her help!

01/03/2021 09:42am



We use what we are looking for at law firms when we are conducting normal transactions. No drama. Advanced capabilities and excellent communication.  I did everything as I expected. And he said in advance the low price.  You don't need to see any more. I wanted to thank all other Yelp reviewers and always wanted to add reviews. I have enough stress to buy and sell a house. Keep legal things simple! !

12/30/2020 11:28pm



Stars' lawyer...... They are very busy proving their own popularity.  Lawyers always spend money, but this is affordable, reasonable and professional...

Several months ago, Ken and the "semi-professional borrower" were the first to cooperate with the case evictions.  Ken knows what is best.  As an authority, there is no hurry in the mass law.  You can stand it and act on time and keep all the records right. You can process your

tenant yourself.  As for bad tenants, this saves time and effort.  

I strongly recommend this law firm and its people:)

I am very grateful......

01/01/2021 03:53pm



I found Vining via Yelp and decided to get in touch with me about the very awkward tenant and landlord situations I was involved in.

Ken helped us to clearly explain everything and understand the situation. He arranged the cost system in a wise way and the price was very affordable. Ken turned in a good direction and gained the peace of mind of my roommate and I.

If you want to be frank with the problems of the landlord and the tenant, call Binin. I'm glad.

12/30/2020 11:11pm



He received useful guidance on the dispute between landlords and tenant farmers. Although this problem turned out to be off the focus of their practice, they still provided useful feedback and good introductions.

12/27/2020 06:45pm



Ken was kind, rich in information, and he understood us through the story of hell and the
borrower. With a clear goal, began to be sufficiently soft.  As the real estate company asks - the elderly we live in, so please bring back two of the vacant houses, repair them and sell them. However, the tenant took a step with us, and she complained again and again, and perhaps lost the recognition of Part 8. Ken was ignored by several judges on the way to tell her that he had to pay part of his rent and that rejecting it would result in a future outcome. Ken had never dreamed of anything, and at last she left. It was strange. Ken said that it was one of the most complex cases he had ever experienced. He passed patiently, and explained each detail, along a long way, than we had expected when we met. a true educator of every detail  He was so good that we asked the company to represent us at the closing time. Vining Law Office is five stars in our life's book, and after taking their help, we no longer feel stress, and we are very happy to make them our lawyer.

12/25/2020 04:31pm



It was the first time I had consulted a real estate lawyer and the Vinning Act was wonderful. Immediately after sending a message through Yelp, I got a call back and it was very helpful.

12/26/2020 05:51pm



In the summer of 2012, my husband and Ken worked together to help us sell and buy our new house.  I sold my house myself, and in the process required a firm lawyer to represent us, which in itself was a very laborious task.  

You can't say enough positive about both.  They are really calm to honest people, who simply make every effort to their customers.  They explained in layman's terms and could answer the phone at any time.  We had the best feeling because they were able to withstand very difficult conditions, help us make good decisions, and know that it would be good to be on our street corner.

My husband and I will continue to do business as needed for many years.  I've heard a really scary story about working with a lawyer, but I'm sure you're Ken & When it comes to working with, I only have good experiences. Ellie.

12/27/2020 03:13pm



My husband and I worked with Ellie Binning in the process of buying our first house. It was fun to work with her. She is very careful, meticulous, diligent, professional, flexible, and good communication, and she cherished us when we first bought her at home. She walked up and down. I strongly recommend working with her.

12/26/2020 10:00pm